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tv   Journal  PBS  November 30, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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you knew long will the womb i knew. the is welcome to the journal here one twi was at our apartment had been used as a broker at our house once the shower. officials in scotland now say eight people died when a police helicopter crashed into a crowded moscow up. it rained lightly smiling break got it from your protesting yet. you get to the goal is to escape germany to become an acclaimed sculptor. now her work is on display for the first time in a camper
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in. the scotland's now say eight people were killed when a police helicopter crashed through the group above glasgow bar on friday night dozens of others were taken to hospital with injuries some of them serious authorities in stress that a rescue efforts are still ongoing. the accident came on the eve of st andrew's day scotland official national holiday rescue workers examined the wreckage of the city center bar. the true extent of the disaster won't be known until the scene is clear. but the building is in danger of collapsing. so the recovery work is a painstaking business. this is a complex the ongoing risky operation. they will not be a quick operation. it's a very complex a seat. and indeed dangerous scene. a tribute to
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those people from the emissions he said is still working in and around the scene. around one hundred twenty people were in the to the vault bar. they were watching a concert by a local band when the helicopter fell through the roof. passers by a rush to help the injured while they waited for rescue words to rhyme the misses like. the glasgow scotland the solstice and understood today we can take a break in coverage. and we just want to invest in tragedy. police said it was too early to speculate on the cause of the crash. there are no reports of an explosion witnesses said the helicopter dropped from the sky like a boulder anti government protests in the thai capital bangkok can turn violent. police say one person was shot dead at least
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find injured when opposition demonstrators clashed with supporters of prime minister you think looks a lot hundreds of protesters tore down barriers as they tried to storm to watch heavily guarded offices. they also attacked a bus carrying government supporters the demonstrators want to topple the prime minister and say she's a pop it up and run attacks and was ousted in a military tool in two thousand six. opposition leaders say they'll expand the protests and find a strong government offices on sunday. dozens of people were injured in ukrainian capital kiev when police used force to break out the pro europe demonstration. protesters are demanding that president victory on a cold a step down the opposition says it's preparing a nationwide strike to force new elections the dinner and then as a sign that unity. thousands of anti government protests as a recruit oside him on the streets of five hundred meat is from independents
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class to being falsely trip and found that by my niece in the early morning hours. many vent about how great a bit of rain. it's a good team in the middle of the knights looked like a fashion student actually have my niece to the protesters and beat everyone up to do the women and children. and if my kids the film what else can we do we have to come here to make their demands because politicians just manipulate we want to protect our children and our future diplomats among them when we are convinced that delta has imprisoned opposition the day and it sank and set them up for sale the protests the main opposition parties joined forces at the preparing and nationwide strike to force the next sentence the president used to be huge. it's not an easy go to the road. but we as a united position are determined to fight for
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freedom and rights of every single citizen can be found we asked all of us and plaudits. not just a token automated operations. it's time to me at. the opposition says these tactics in the sleep of independence class was added to my squads used to cast an absence of the crowds doesn't slip into it. he said the panel tasked with amending the country's constitution has begun voting on hundreds of changes to it the draft text bolsters the military's powers and banned islamist party the final draft is expected to be put to referendum in december. the vote came as a meeting activists are now mom had turned himself into authorities. an order for his arrest was issued after he defied a tough new law restricting demonstrations police have arrested dozens of opposition protesters in recent days. many in search team has found the wreckage of mozambique airlines plane
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that went missing on friday all thirty four people on board appear to have been killed in the crash the reason the aircraft were located in a national park in india's remote northeast police say the plane was completely burnt. for now finding survivors. the flight was on route from mozambique to the angolan capital one that caused the crash is still under investigation tensions over a tiny group of islands in the east china sea continued to mount. both china and japan claimed the islands with the chinese call dial and japanese refer to as sam caught low down skin under japanese rule in the nineteenth century and then administered by the united states after the second world war. but china has now declared an air defense down over the territory. on friday the us combines american carriers to comply with china's demand informed of any flights passing through the defence of the late us vice president joe biden set to begin a week long trip to
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asia on monday. the issue appears far from settled. we have this report these uninhabited islands in the east china sea of the focus of the escalating dispute that decade spent to hire current china plate came to that era treaty which is thought to contain oil and gas has doubts. united states has been flexing its muscles too. on the state sent the uss george washington and cropped area on a training mission of the eyelid if if not why. it is not a vested interest in the region since the end of world war two. but china is selling increasing determination to display it in a tree might be the speed of the islands in the east china sea has become a power play between the united states the traditional wild superpower. i know about and curly one. x but a warning of the potential ramifications of this piece the americans
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in the digestion in a statement. it's beyond cody was the components of the moment you all the other the only visible areas of the u s japan is home to the friendship is so odd bits news of the warriors for eighty dollars in its region and the americans would be invoked. as tensions mount tynan says it on high and that bowing to take measures to deal with what it describes as anthrax. it's about the scramble to find tickets in response to us nice and calm flying over its new defined at the french say. they say has ordered foreign and cross to give notice that their intention to fight through this and all things possible retaliation the firm paid zero playing about a group of islands this is the real battle for influence and power in the asia pacific. the united states has offered to help the stories of serious chemical weapons
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the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons as washington's prepared to finance and carry out the work on much that would include the destruction on syria's poison gas arsenal and is seen as too dangerous to transport to another country. the lp cw is implementing a plan to completely eradicate serious chemical weapons program. i made twenty four team. i must change gears and two sports now and the latest from the bundesliga where byron meaning continued to set the pace. aryan robin start again after his exertions in the champions league last week. dutch winger scored both goals in a routine to nil victory with a triple winners against lowly i've got bounced by. saturday's other results so far look like this. mine's on the home to dortmund with her cousin breezed past been around for a time frame and shared out eight goals in a spectacular four all draw. sanders is on the unfinished goal essential to ensure guard are still
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playing. on friday both starting cameron drew one all more on that in a minute. on sunday. hanover has sidetracked frankfurt was missing lot of take on fiber well start and hamburg share the points in one all draw on friday night. cameron took the lead nineteenth minute that they couldn't defend it let's take a look at the action america look on their size and content of the notice nineteenth minute free cake ended up in the next. the bomb hit the conference and could almost two dozen local and playful stakes keep it to youtube and i healed. pms and so that means comebacks and content on the hostile way the hosts went on to win a penalty at the dance. it was a harsh decision. danny and can lead to the land down under what seems like contacts from home great cycle testimony. we try to retrieve day has kept his cool and smart. despite his column to keep the knights
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when the hard times cooler than its weight states especially as the american instant and stunted in the dying minutes the bundesliga table looking like this for the moment at the top. no surprises by munich are sitting pretty labor is named for him to lash out the mid week showing in europe though to maintain some pressure on the all conquering the variants will start to drop the vital points in their case for the final champions league place. only the bottom half with the hammer continued to slide ominously down the table is no change there in the nevada where bob brown spike in nuremberg finished another match day pointless cologne have moved to the top of the second division with a three nil win over time. polly. early in the eighty sixth minute when it's on sunday and i headed in from a corner kick. anyone up to nail shortly before half time. accounts was the goal scorer. and with the clock ticking down toward the final whistle economic
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data card wrapped up and away we can. it should last line world cup now where the new season began like the last one ended the concert has been dominating the course of all it was time for the competition trading once again having the baby born in sydney to attend km race is the advancement that turns the ten kilometer sprint on saturday. reading overall champion missed one turn in the resulting penalty count has tried to get an atheist that's . day two of the action from beginning to the end. and i would it be to move to one today in a day of the digicam so the he needed to do with saving queensland regions and cement. this
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week's not mean the infant who had completed six point five seconds behind the difference then and now that is what the impressive performance. the it would be respected still in the midst of the planet and its heating costs and a podium place east to do albeit missing and always hurts. they didn't lead to ninety percent shooting to call him on my skin was decent too. so there's no reason to panic just yet that engulfed the chairman eric massa finished seventh meaning to it and try and make modifications it is. before we go the artist and to not go into that escaped germany it's become a pioneer of spatial installations. now in the first major exhibition of her work in germany is taking place. university of hamburg the state to fix and in nineteen thirty nine th so that guests would like smith's bed and then has to go back to germany
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venezuelan capital tanaka then she became famous for making that its geometric structures made of wire. now when combat the museum is presenting at the prospective a while. just a hint of the vote was time to tighten its presenting here in hamburg this time it's the first major exhibition of cake is like in gemini. she's very well known in latin america. here in germany she has up until now i look at any one small exhibition forced to quit showing large of the view of her artistic work spanning a period of fourteen years the exhibition titled denying this update is displaying about one hundred and fifty if they can sculpt says hans gets its opaque he can never pretend to have a crisis time that the city continued to snow and snow while. however a bowl of milk and coke and today have been displayed in russian and german. there are significant elements in a way which point
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to harare to see that you made your knee the funny things every gig i studied architecture from nineteen thirty two to nineteen thirty eight stocks eight s entry into the wild in venezuela when she experimented with lines knots on volume. it went on to inspire an entire generation of optics in latin america addison journal thanks for watching the learned chairman which teach. anytime anyplace. with the windchill jo and her friends. for sweet friends all over the war. online and interactive. determined to go i do. german for free which
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he dealt with. brilliant musical innovator influential dramatics controversial. two hundred years of the tongue taco. two thousand thirteen. he's the famous german composers i sent entering. wagner two hundred gw is multimedia projects. we had company this major cultural events throughout the year. w jaunty the english bar near two hundred. no permit no passing this is a border fence near you in the us state of every zone a bit capital washington d c bar will be mexico on the other hand is only a stone's throw away. that makes border patrol agent and reconsider audi part of the bitter political battle in the us. and that's the reason for me. desperate
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bow of the an area of the nearby tissues to be one of the weakest links in the border was only one that is right next to us how whoever made it over the fence quickly found shelter been. two thousand for we are getting something that we called bonsai iran's in this particular area. and so have other eugene twenty mm thursday already sometimes as high as fifteen sixteen. people at one time we get together. and this can then come over this fence. so once we put the secondary fence up. that stopped billions of dollars have been standing completely still while the three thousand km border. but hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossings take place each year despite all the investments being a border agents of the immigrants down for days in the desert. the whole
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scenario considering ways around it pretty close to home. after all he's the son of mexican immigrants themselves although they arrived illegally band is compassion largely depends on what he finds in the immigrants criminal records. now for the person that comes in here and and has no prior criminal history that's perhaps coming here to work. there has been on the desert. walking through the day or two and is possibly hungry and thirsty then. i'm a compassionate human being just like anybody else's. and then would share my water may be leaving share sandwich. i believe it's time to go back to headquarters his route he wants to show me older recordings from the security cameras on the road i realize why so many immigrants don't make it for this part of the country nothing but desert and mountains. close to eighty to ninety percent of the time the entries we've been able to detect. we've been able to
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upper hand. so wait we have a big success rate. but some people a state law security his intensity get one hundred percent of them absolute border security that's what i've heard many republican politicians demand without that the signal reform and no right to stay for the eleven point seven million undocumented immigrants in the country the border agent shows me a headquarters was in that position works well with some folk. he has a video on his computer produced by the border police itself. it shows the same place we visited before but eight years ago. outnumbered. army on oil infrastructure they're slowing down. this committee just overrun the border to some americans these are all criminals or people who don't steal their jobs. that's why the republican party to score points with its tough stance on immigration at least
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the conservatives but is the further fortification of the fence is really the solution to all the problems in regions or audi is careful with his answer. i mean you deserve or are they willing in eighteen one hundred percent success rate in apprehending the people that decide to name the unique upper hand on her comics. on that students entering their country meet its upper hand on the money and it's going back into mexico on the guns that are going into mexico. will we ever achieve one hundred percent. i don't think we will. the on the route from human to phoenix. many undocumented immigrants make the same trip i'm taking with the often don't have a color or enough water be be hundreds of items was hellish trips. those who make it often come here. phoenix the city with no population of over forty percent. but
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she knows are the fastest growing community in the us and that makes them an important political factors at that. real drama came from mexico in nineteen eighty nine. and she's still a document. if you forgive his effort at your picture to be deported. she wants that to change with the help of promise every zone an organization that fights for immigration reform the newest project eleven children of immigrants will go to washington dc. read ron will escort her two granddaughters were part of the trip although undocumented as possible for her because proof of legal residency it's not required for us like this. with the loud and in our domain. get out of the tasty the best thing that could happen is that we get support for reform. we are very happy with that
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impossible for nasal canal and having him home. next door the kids are preparing for possible questions from the media and politicians is chase with stern. i read ron's eleven year old granddaughter. obviously nervous the next. prepare to march and coach to honor its arrow has her work cut out for her. many of the older children in the group know exactly. this is no again their families could be torn apart at any time. i live a miserable man the problem is always the same two children are born leaders and our automatic us citizens with their parents or grandparents immigrated illegally and have no right to stay or work more can really use to see their families back home. and that's probably why could she think and i know i know sarah what helps the children to
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put their experience into words. the message was suppose to be loud and clear if my brain just waiting for them to understand. their story. we do have a story from the big difference and they don't have one family at the gym. so you basically what it is the problem the case. after that. half that can be tricky especially when the cell phones more important. i stood there were the first day i read ron's old granddaughter do you mean without making a lot of progress and i'm getting on or near the most important part of it. arm. i will know my family with a tanned face and how long they've been in good fun. i know who you are like morning's news to me if
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inhaled into the jail and better lie. i like to use describing the american dream to fight for it she her sister and grandma are going to a place for many before them and talked with success washington dc. there will last. ted. some veterans of the civil rights movement has come to support the roughly two hundred demonstrators now they're off to the capital the heart of american politics. right in the move. jamie. that day the single song for john dinner speaker of the house of representatives the a. a dance at all. theres a republican does not allow him to vote on the comprehensive immigration reform bill that's why the protesters want to continue movies in his office from her youth around. it's a big moment wish i was dealing with it so many emotions we come from phoenix arizona to meet the house of representatives
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finally vote on immigration reform. for the eleven million people that suffer from separation from their families. i'm very proud that so many children and parents have come here to participate if mbeki think i made the a the season played in english it means yes we can with the month's election campaign slogan in two thousand and eight the latino vote was also a big factor in obama selection and relax. so far has not paid off for the community. then home when doing. this is one last desperate attempt to both candidates. about one hundred and fifty children have gathered in the congressional building from all parts of the us. hundreds of people in the narrow corridor is right in front of john peters office and not for the first time. the pressure on republicans is huge. a majority of americans are in the side of the immigrants and even within the party
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many think that republicans need more support from what she knows to stay relevant i went to a slit in her friend mark. there's no answer. at least there's a plan. many children have written cards spd politician for help. but will that help. i read iran is waiting in the back of the line. i asked her if she really thinks that peter has a heart for undocumented immigrants. we hope does not want to use human just like we are hopefully he has a hard enough. after this the activists go their separate ways and try to meet up with other politicians promise arizona's lucky they get to visit a friendly representative from their home state. these are from
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iowa that pastor is a democrat and supports the proposed immigration reform. without the latino vote he probably would not have much of a chance in this district in phoenix. first he chats with the kids about food in school back home towards the end of the meeting the group asked the all important question does he think that immigration reform still has a chance despite the house republicans blocking a vote winner. or better still if the other day even though very short and are still a window. pastor seemed slightly optimistic i got the guilt church. best part the pep talk because republican opposition is just too strong. at least for now but join them sterile. it's not want to be brought down the effort is supposed to pay off. i get a sentencing hearing it and say you know he still believes makes gives me more hope as well. even
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when it is something can be hard but i don't. i didn't bring suffering the guild i still have some hope. so we move on to the next politician. immigration reform will come sometime in the future. i say to myself because the three of these families is no longer just their problem is now the official problem of the united states of america what's the world's biggest story each day. excludes any team that works. to top story wednesday. intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington six enlightenment you at party acting in your story continues here. seventeen with me. thanks to a doting auntie that i can take that
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steely checked in you and it makes the networks to work on in each the ads on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. the route . if you leave for school use. no productivity the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nm. dvds
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you'll wounding ruling will the i know. the money. and i went to the finger of disbelief is a dynamic economy. the liking of some of india's mix min


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